Fiddle de dum

I went to the doctor yesterday and he basically reiterated to me what I already know about losing weight – you get better results with a group-oriented type of program (like Jenny Craig, WW, yada yada). He did agree to prescribe Meridia to me for 1 month. However, when I called around to the pharmacies, the cheapest I would be able to get it (because our fucking insurance is stupid) is $109.00. Yowza!! 8)

So, I will look around. I’m still not sure I want to take a pill to help me lose weight, even if the idea is only to help me get over the initial “i’m starving” hump.

Did you ever have someone whom you’ll always wonder “what if?” about? And did you ever feel pretty certain, even if current indications could be construed otherwise, that they still held a spot in their heart for you?
I know I’m being deliberately vague; I’ll probably write more about it later, after I’ve had time to ponder a bit.

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