My sister is in her early 20’s and is a die-hard Twilight fan. She owns all 4 books and has been bugging me for months to read them. So last week she brought them over and yesterday I opened the first book and started reading.

Now, I should mention that when it comes to ultra-popular fads I tend to stay far back until some of the hubub dies down. I didn’t start reading Harry Potter until my sister took me to see the first movie. And I’d heard pretty horrible things about the Twilight series anyway, in terms of literary-ness.

I was surprised to find that I did enjoy the story, enough to finish reading the first book in one day. I liked the ideas (most of them – I mean, sparkly vampires..C’MON!! lol) and the basic premise of it all.

That being said..

The writing is horrid. I’m sorry if I offend any fans out there, but I can’t believe that the book was published the way it was. I couldn’t turn around without tripping over a cliche. The main character, Bella, was flat and boring. She seemed to have no desires to do anything outside of be with Edward. She seemed to have no interests, nothing. She seemed whiny and a complete doormat to anyone around her.

And what did the author do, pull out a thesaurus to use as many $0.50 words as possible? I started outlining a drinking game to take a drink every time Bella described one of Edward’s features as “marble”, only to realize it would likely end up giving someone alcohol poisoning.

Don’t get me wrong – I really did like the premise of the book and the story itself. I just felt that it was really badly executed. If they went back and revised it a couple of times I think it would be a very compelling and powerful book.

Just my opinion, though.