fury. furied. furious.

I am absolutely livid right now. Today started off innocently enough; MIL wanted to go over to her friend’s house to make eggrolls (MIL’s eggrolls are locally famous or something lol). She said if it was okay with us (Me and DH) that she would take our older daughter (OD) with her; she’d be home around noon/1:00.

Because she let BIL have her car all the time (because he’s too much of an idiot to figure out how to get his own and drove the last car he had into the ground and doesn’t save his money), she was all nice to DH after not talking to him for a few days (because of him pressuring her to move back home) and asked him (DH) to give her a ride to BIL’s place of work to pick her car up, and then after the eggrolls were done she’d drive herself and our oldest home.

Well BIL wasn’t at work yet so DH drove her to her friend’s house. We (DH, myself, and our younger daughter (YD)) went out for breakfast, went grocery shopping, and came home. Not more than 10 minutes after we got back, (about 2 – 2 1/2 hours after dropped them off), MIL called asking DH for a ride home. DH asked where BIL was; wasn’t he supposed to drop the car off? They went back and forth like that for a few minutes and MIL got pissed and hung up on DH. I told DH in no uncertain terms that I did not like the idea of MIL being in charge of our oldest when she was so angry at DH. He agreed and went to pick them up.

No more than 5 minutes after he left the phone rang and it was our daughter, saying she wanted to come home. I assured her that Daddy was coming to pick her up and that he’d be there pretty soon (which she responded to with a cheerful “Okay!”). I hung up and I. was. PISSED.

How fucking immature do you have to be to use a CHILD to relay your messages? How DARE she use our daughter like that, and put her in the middle? I can see it, just as clearly as if I’d been there, now – MIL telling our daughter that Daddy didn’t want to pick them up.

So DH, OD, and MIL get back and MIL goes upstairs to get some clothes together to wash, acting (towards me) like nothing was amiss. I go outside and DH says that he told MIL she has to be out by the end of the month.

Apparently she got in the car and acted like nothing was wrong, and DH told her “we have a problem” (mostly because of the way she was talking to him on the phone (demanding he pick her up) and then hanging up on him).  DH took her by BIL’s place of work, and “Oh, well why didn’t he call me back?” Uh, because he’s a selfish douchebag? She got in her car and that was that.

Anyway, I was putting the last of the groceries in the freezer and she hands me money saying that she doesn’t expect things for free. So, she’s TOTALLY MISSING THE FUCKING POINT OF WHY SHE NEEDS TO LEAVE! She thinks that DH wants her out because of $$; when in actuality it’s because she’s got her own house and we want ours back to ourselves.

What pisses me off the most is the way she used OD like that.  How we’re supposed to be the bad guys in all of this.

i hate dentists

that’s not true. i don’t hate them – getting my teeth cleaned (while not fun) is not horrific, getting cavaties filled (again, while not fun) is, again, not horrific. my biggest fear of going to the dentist is that he’s going to get all gnarly with me about not brushing / flossing like i should. consequently, i’ve put off going to the dentist for several years.

i went to the dentist earlier today. last week i broke one of my wisdom teeth because it was pretty well decayed because of the way it came in (at about a 45 degree angle, towards my cheek). they did the x-rays and they were like the good news is that for you having had kids, plus not seeing a dentist for so long, your teeth are not horrible. the bad news is you have 3 small cavaties, a nice big one that is getting close to the root, and you need to get all 4 wisdom teeth removed (which I knew anyway).

because our insurance is so bright, they will not pay for a root canal (which the big cavity might end up requiring), but they will pay to have the tooth extracted. they’re (the dentist) hoping to be able to save the tooth but he was honest and said it was kind of a crapshoot and it could go either way.

So I get home and call the oral surgeon that they referred me to, and the receptionist tells me that the soonest i can get in is July 2nd. That’s 2 1/2 freaking months of walking around with this jagged-ass tooth rubbing against my cheek and driving me nuts. Plus, it will take another 2-4 weeks to get the oral surgery approved as well. So it will very likely be August at the very earliest I get in to get these teeth out [/rant].

Because I can be an optimist at times, I am going to look at the bright side – at least I have dental coverage, and at least it will pay for the big stuff (the fillings, the oral surgery). My mom’s told me many times over the years how she had to go without going to the dentist more than a few times because of no dental coverage. So I really just need to relax and practice patience. As far as the cavaties go, those will get filled in a few weeks – and honestly, I’m more worried about those, especially that nasty one. When I get my wisdom teeth out they’ll be knocking my ass out, so I’m not worried about that too much.

So yeah..

I’m a mom. I’m a computer geek (I totally heart PHP Programming). And I’m trying to lose weight and get back to my (early!) high school figure.