The time does fly

I’ve been busy busy busy the past couple of months. I wrote an entire CMS with Kohana, and have been letting it simmer a bit to give my brain a chance to breathe. I’ve found that if I complete a project and then jump back into it right away, debugging, making notes for missing features, etc, that I get burned out and end up scrapping the entire thing.

Because at some point I plan to sell this CMS (very niche-oriented and AFAIK there are no other CMS’s specifically built for this niche), I decided to go with some sort of licensing. I’ve used phpAudit — really, the standard licensing program for a lot of people — in the past but to be honest I was never overjoyed with it. It always seemed too bulky and I had a lot of problems when I used it before (mostly, timeouts with people’s licenses and I never could get the local license thing working correctly). I also found a licensing module for WHMCS that looked really promising; however, I don’t have $100 for the module + $17/month for WHMCS (besides, I installed the trial of WHMCS and while it seems like an awesome software for hosts I found it way too much for what I needed.

So I decided I would start coding my own licensing app. And I would use cakePHP for it.

Well, I actually started out using Kohana again but I found myself goofing off more and more every day I worked on the app, which is a surefire sign that something isn’t right with it. I think of it as akin to writer’s block. You get to a point with a story (or in this case an app) and you hit a brick wall. It’s nothing you can put your finger on but you just can’t get any farther without feeling like you’re trudging uphill through molasses.

So I started trying out some things with cake and as I sit here, two weeks later, I’m now farther with the app than I was in 3 1/2 weeks with Kohana, and with code that looks a lot neater and less repetitive. I’m pretty pleased with it so far. Hopefully I will be able to start coding the frontend by next week.

On a totally different front I’ve managed to maintain my weight and actually lost a little more than 1/2 a pound since last month — not bad for someone who is not going out of their way to be Health Gal. I’m still doing my best to eat right and watch my portions, I’m justĀ  not being so strict with everything. Trying to keep a habit of taking a walk with my kids after dinner, so that should help too.