Your Perfect PHP Framework

With “Framework X rocks” and “Framework Y is the future of PHP” still being tossed around it’s ok to remember that the perfect framework for you is…

the framework *you* are most comfortable with and can code most quickly in. Whether it’s Yii, CakePHP, Litihum, Symfony, Laravel, Kohana, or CodeIgniter, find the one that “just fits” (and believe me, you’ll know which one works best for you) and get coding!

Note: There *is* something to be said for choosing the right tool for the job, and that is also a consideration (you probably wouldn’t use Slim to code an enterprise level intranet system, for example). Just don’t choose a framework only because it’s the newest thing, or the best known thing, or the flashiest thing.

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  1. Eric

     /  June 2, 2013

    Could this arguement also explain why you’re using wordpress?

    • nerdmom

       /  June 2, 2013

      It could indeed. However, the reason I’m using WordPress is as simple as it’s hosted for me and it’s free. From a programmer’s view, I shudder anytime I look at the inner workings of WP. The time may come where I import it to another platform but for now it works just fine for what I use it for 🙂

  2. WP is a better solution for this site. I wouldn’t use Laravel for a blog where WP is a perfect solution. I personally choose Laravel for new projects because of the coding style, separation of code, eloquent and unit-testing features it comes with out of the box. Even though Laravel is slower than CI the syntax sugar really gets me.

  3. I like your argument. I was having confusion regarding which framework / CMS I should learn on my own time. Having experienced a few of them at work (Zend Framework, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, WordPress) I thought about each one them, and then finally chose one 🙂

    I’ve written about it at


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