Just a couple of updates

I am still working on my OMGSUPERAWESOME project, although I hit a stumbling block and have spent the last 3 or 4 days tearing my hair out.

I mentioned how I had started developing with Kohana. Everything was working well (for the most part)….then I read a post from one of the lead developers that Kohana 3.0’s code would most likely be incompatible with 2.3.x’s. Apparently this is fairly common with Kohana, and I suppose depending on your point of view it can be a good thing or a bad thing. For me this was very bad.

Maybe I’m just stubborn but I like the tools I’m working with to remain somewhat stable between versions. I don’t want to be told that the code I’m writing now will have to be completely reworked to work with the new codebase. That’s a humongous waste of my time, and any users that may be using my software.

So I was playing with the idea of going back to good ol’ CI, but I gotta say — I really did not relish having to go back to writing 2 to 3 times as much code just to get a semblance of the functionality offered from Kohana or one of the other frameworks. Maybe I’m lazy, or maybe I’m just looking to increase my productivity. Maybe both.

So I started playing with CakePHP again, and spent the better part of last Sunday measuring the difficulty of setting up the MVC for a fairly straightforward part of my app. It wasn’t as hard as I was afraid it would be so I continued working with it and slowly have become more impressed with it.

I’m still a little hesitant to say for sure that I will end up sticking with Cake; I’m concerned that if I release my app and someone has an issue that isn’t directly related to my code (ie, it’s an issue having more to do with Cake) it’s going to be a lot harder for me to track down since I’m not as familiar with Cake. I’ve “made up my mind” that I was just going to say **** it and go back to CI only to remember why I was so frustrated with CI in the first place. On the other hand, Cake is a lot more rigid and I find that I end up bending my app around it, whereas with CI it’s more of a silent partner. Of course, with CI it’s pretty easy to end up with a lot of spaghetti code.

Suffice it to say I haven’t definitively made up my mind yet. *sigh*

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