forum update part deux

I am more or less finished with the first draft of the forum. The nuts and bolts of the program are there (not highly polished but that’s what second/third/fourth drafts are for), and I am feeling pretty good about things.

Originally I was going to use a simple, hard-coded usergroup method to handle permissions for the forums. However, when I wanted to start adding permissions such as ability to view profiles, users online, ips, etc, it became a LOT harder to use the simple, hard-coded method. So I ended up creating somewhat of an ACL (access control list) for usergroups, which is working out pretty nicely. I combined the ACL (which is stored in the database) with some database caching to cut down on queries and it seems to work pretty well.

So far the hardest part has been syncing everything to work correctly — updating thread reply numbers when a post is created or removed, for example. You look over everything before testing it out and there’s (almost always) one little glitch that managed to sneak in there. So you fix it, then go back and reset the database (because apparently your program felt he was being a nice chap by updating what it could) and try again.

I am now on to rewrite #1. I am going to try my hand with Object Relational Mapping this time. I am hoping it will help speed up the CRUD-writing and make maintenance way easier — 2 things that ORM seems to offer, from all the research I’ve done. For anyone who is interested, I’ll be using DataMapper.

So – here I go! 🙂

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