here's a story, part 2

Yesterday I was bored and reading through some old entries here. I came across “Here’s a story” and remembered what happened the day after I got a date to junior prom, and the true reason he is my “What if Guy”…

A good friend of mine whom I went to school with had been hired and worked with me in housekeeping. We usually carpooled to work on the weekends, and she was friends with Randy, also (she’d heard me talk about him all the time
at school) and would sit with him and me after having a cigarette during break.

On this particular day — which was a few months after I started crushing on him — she came back in and sat with us. Apropo of nothing, she looked at me and said “I heard you got a date to Prom.”

“Yeah, I asked [shithead name redacted] and he said yes,” I replied. I glanced at Randy, who had this look on his face… you know, I can’t really describe it. It wasn’t something cliche like he’d been punched. It was more like a total ‘WTF???’ kind of look.

As my friend and I talked a little more about Prom I kept looking at Randy, who’d become quiet (even though he’d been talking with me quite a bit a few minutes earlier). Eventually  he excused himself and went to the men’s employee lounge. We didn’t talk much that day and it wasn’t until I got home that it came slamming home to me:


But (stupid stupid me) thought that it was too late to do anything about it; I’d already asked someone else and they accepted. I started dating this other guy after prom and by summer Randy had quit the hospital to go work at [store].

It could be that I totally misinterpreted the look on his face that day. It could be that he thought of me as nothing more than one of his nice co-workers and nothing more.  I know he had a girlfriend while we worked together; as to whether they were still together by prom time, I don’t remember and neither to my diaries.  We never did anything outside of work.  I don’t know for certain that there were any reciprocated feelings on his end. I don’t know that I’m the reason he quit working at the hosptial; he certainly had other logical reasons for getting a job at [store] — it was closer, probably paid a bit more, and (chances are) people didn’t treat him like shit there like some of the bitches we worked with at the hospital did.

I just remember that look.

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  1. Roman

     /  July 13, 2009

    “would sit with he and I” should be “would sit with him and me” 🙂


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