Forum Update

Well, I’ve been working on my forum for a week now, and so far this is what I have done:

  1. Create/Modify/Close/Open/Delete Categories/Forums with per-forum permissions for each usergroup
  2. Create/Modify/Ban/Unban/Delete Users
  3. User Registration & Login
  4. Create New Thread
  5. Modify/Move/Delete Thread (for those with sufficient permissions)
  6. Reply with BBCode and Smilies
  7. Quick Reply with BBCode
  8. Modify/Delete/Restore Posts
  9. Integrated Smarty with Layout Capabilites

Phew! It’s kind of nice to see that I actually did get a lot done; truthfully I keep wondering if I’m wasting my time with this when there’s so many other forum scripts out there that have a team of people behind them.

Another neat thing I did was port CI’s form helper functions to Smarty functions so I can use things like

{form_open url="controller/function" id=$id}
(The id is if I’m modifying something; it appends the id to the action url)
{form_input name="field_name" value="submitted_value" default="default_field_value" extra="usually_css_here"}

If anyone is interested in having a copy, let me know in the comments and I’ll attach the functions I have. Currently includes form_open,form_close,form_dropdown,form_input,form_hidden. In addition, I ported the anchor and link_tag helper functions.

There’s still so much to do I wonder if I’ll get it done. I’m pleased with the progress so far, and if nothing else I am learning a lot 😀

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