eBay Frustrations

I sold some things on half.com this week. On one of the items the buyer contacted me and asked if they could upgrade their postage (they’d paid for media but actually wanted priority). I said of course and they sent the extra few dollars to upgrade.

half.com tells you you should ship within 3-4 days and gives that date when you sell something. This particular item was sold on Tuesday and was to be shipped by Friday.

The weather here has been snowy, windy, and really really cold (-30 air temps; -50 to -60 wind chills). I live in a very rural area and as anyone who lives in such an area can attest, the roads go to shit when the weather gets like this. Moreover, I could not get out of my driveway until Friday afternoon because of the drifts we kept getting from the field across the street.

Anyway, I get an email from this buyer saying that they are angry because the package just left yesterday and that they’d figured they’d get it by this weekend and not next week, and that they purchased another item from someone even farther away and already received that item.

On the one hand, I feel really bad that I couldn’t get the package out sooner. I was going to mail it Wednesday but that’s when this latest bout of shitty weather started. Furthermore, I understand what it’s like to pay for something you need and have someone take their sweet time in mailing it. I once had someone wait (literally) 2 weeks to mail something because they forgot about the order

On the other hand, I did get this person’s item shipped within the time frame, and I normally ship things within a day or two.

So, I emailed them back and apologized for the delay, explaining the reason for it, and offered to refund their shipping. There’s really nothing else I can do. I hope they don’t get petty and leave negative feedback. I’m hoping that since they took the time to contact me about it they aren’t trigger happy, per se.

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