This afternoon I came across this video which shows some McCain supporters waiting in line for a rally and yelling nasty things to the Obama supporters across the street:

I think my favorite part was how they kept yelling for the Obama supporters to get a job or go to work….uhm, pot meet kettle?

I am totally disgusted. If the roles were reversed, and a video came out with Obama supporters shouting things like that at McCain supporters you can bet your ass the RNC would have an ad up that showed “the kind of people who support Barack Hussein Obama.”

Shit like this fucking terrifies me. I’m not even kidding. These Republicans regurgitating the exaggerated, toxic, thinly veiled incindiary statements Sarah “I’m-So-Gosh-Darn-Cute-You-Betcha” Palin has been spouting.  They seem to gobble up every word that comes out of their (McCain/Palin’s) mouths without ever taking a few minutes to do any fact checking.

Ugh. I need to go be sick now.

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