oh the ups and downs

Well I went to the dentist today to get that nasty cavity filled. Luckily he was able to drill it and fill it (vs having to remove it). He said it’s still sort of a crapshoot whether the tooth will survive in the long run, but so far it appears to be fixed.

I go back next month to get the other 2 or 3 (not really sure how many he filled today) done. I knew I probably wasn’t going to feel like teh hotness this afternoon but I’m a little surprised how cruddy I do feel. Oh well.

DH got called back to work today. Yayyy!!! He’s been laid off for almost exactly 6 months due to lack of work. He goes back on Monday the 19th. w00t w00t!!

MIL FINALLY MOVED OUT!!!! It’s been 2 weeks since she left and I have been doing the snoopy dance ever since. She claimed she was coming back to get the rest of her stuff (by stuff I mean garbage), but she never did. So guess who got stuck cleaning it? If you chose me, you’d be a winner!

To give you an idea of how horrendously messy her room was, I invite you to take a look at the pictures below:

There was literally 4-6 inches of papers, junk mail, blank checks, used kleenex, etc on the floor. It took my mom and I almost 90 minutes to clean up the 8×8′ room. Unreal.

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  1. Woohoo! I totally see that Snoopy dance! And (shhhh!) from reading your older posts, I think your in-laws and mine might be related. A totally screwy guilt-laden family dynamic of people who can’t/wont sustain themselves. We have put up both my brother’s grandmother and half-brother in the past, though less than a year each (thank goodness!). I don’t get it, and I’m thankful that DH refuses to allow it to continue! And while his g-ma didn’t trash the room she was in, you should have SEEN how bad she let our ferrets’ room get while we were away (less than a week) and her only job was to care for them! Never again.

  2. fast times at sweet valley high

     /  May 17, 2008

    @Trina – it certainly makes you appreciate having your home to yourselves, doesn’t it? I told DH I was going to buy “NO VACANCY” signs, just to make our point clear to anyone else that might ask 😀 lol


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